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The Reclamation Project

Nov 29, 2022

This week Julianne sits down with bodyworker Ellen Heed. Ellen is the founder of Scar Tissue Remediation, Education, and Management, or STREAM, to provide a unique paradigm shift in helping people find relief when it comes to scars seen and unseen.


Scar remediation is the heart of Ellen’s work. She describes what scar tissue really is and how scars can affect us, as well as the tools we can use to fix our personal structure and function. She tells stories of client experiences of invisible scars and debunks any preconceived notions listeners may have about scars only coming from surgery or skin injury.


Everyone has scar tissue, they just may not know it. Luckily, everyone can remediate their scars and find relief.

Key topics of today’s episode:


Everyone has scars

Your body is on your side

Pain is not permanent



4:20 - Julianne starts with a lightning round of a few questions


10:01 - Julianne asks Ellen what scar tissue really is


20:31 - STREAM as a formula for solving pain


25:35 - Julianne shares her personal experience with this bodywork


31:34 - Ellen describes the bigger picture and dips into nutrition


42:45 - Julianne and Ellen dive into unseen scars and trauma




“It's a decision our body makes in relationship to the amount of local inflammation in any area of the body.”


“Unless we get smarter faster, we're in trouble. And a way to get smarter faster is to become more integrative in our approach to being alive.”

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