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The Reclamation Project

Nov 15, 2019

Julianne talks about her most recent experiences in her Somatic Sexologist training program, excitement over the new round of Goddess Reclamation that’s about to begin, and the first Goddess Experience Retreat coming in December. 


Key topics:

  • Details about the upcoming Goddess Experience Retreat
  • The journey to...

Nov 11, 2019

Today Juliane is speaking with Amy Young, Life Coach + Truth-Sayer, who focuses on teaching women to give less fucks and get more love. Amy has a penchant for telling it like it is, and likes to remind everyone that it’s actually okay to lighten up, to let go of what isn’t serving us, to own our unique personal...

Nov 7, 2019

What happens in the bedroom can be equated to real life outside the bedroom! We often approach orgasm as a race to the finish line, and that’s how a lot of us go through life, too. We’re so focused on the goal instead of enjoying the journey. Julianne dives into this comparison in today’s juicy episode!



Nov 4, 2019

Today Juliane is speaking with Namaste Jenay, a business coach who teaches online coaches & business owners to embrace and interweave the spiritual and self-development practices with the business side. 


Jenay is a Certified Thought-Coach, Certified Transformational Life Coach, 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher, and...

Oct 31, 2019

If you’ve got something in your life that you feel isn’t ever going to change, this is the episode for you. Julianne talks about the stories we create, how we get stuck in them, connects it all to her own life and experiences, and shares how we can take ownership, shift, and change. 


Key topics:

  • Julianne shares...