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The Reclamation Project

Jul 18, 2019

Should you eat meat or not? It’s a simple yes or no question, isn’t it? Not quite...because the correct answer for one person may not be correct for someone else. The more important question is what does your body want and need? Don’t just blindly follow external advice, trust yourself and the way you feel as...

Jul 16, 2019

Today’s episode is the FIRST under the podcast’s new name, The Reclamation Project! This is a recording of Julianne guesting on the podcast Mind Mastery and Manifestation with Sophie Kessner, speaking about Reclaiming Your Feminine Power. 


Most of the women desire to change, shift, and fix their body. Many of us...

Jul 11, 2019

Do you ever really feel good around some people, but drained and suffocated around some others? What you may not realize is how much of this is energy you’ve gotten from others!


The way you absorb stories from the past and from other people affects you. In this episode, Julianne discusses:

  • Some of the...

Jul 8, 2019

Welcome to an EOP guest episode! Today we have Jaklin, who is a life coach for women with ADHD, as well as a long time friend!


ADHD is often misunderstood and associated with the stereotypical “little boy who can’t pay attention and is hyperactive”, which is only one way it can manifest. Because of this, women...

Jul 4, 2019

This episode has a lot of questions for asking yourself, but they all boil down to how much you are owning your own story.


Our stories create our lens of perception and how we view the world, and it’s important to acknowledge what we are and aren’t owning.  

  • How much more of your story can you own, what pieces...